I am really excited to share with you a new collection of work created during lockdown when photographing horses for me was not an option. Sometimes, you can find the most concrete of emotional reactions in the most abstract of pieces – and this collection has been born out of a time of intense introspection.

The Homeward series was conceived of during Britain’s long lockdown periods. Under strict orders to stay in their local area, and without the ability to interact freely with others, many people found that their world had become considerably smaller. But it was in this diminished world that home was found.

Homeward draws inspiration from the kaleidoscope of colours and textures present in the flora of the New Forest. From the russet reds of tree bark to the dusky blues and purples of spring’s woodland flowers, each of the cast of characters of a life in lockdown gets its chance to take centre stage, intermingling with textured elements and multi-layered media.

Inspired by the broad and bold output of the abstract expressionists, Homeward is a journey through a small world writ large, told through the emotional evolution of a life under restrictions.

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