Ready to have your very own piece of unique Art.  A piece of Art that is made just for you and your horse?  Ok so lets see, how do commissions...

My latest work has featured a lot of encaustic art. My Encaustic series was the first collection where I began to get really creative using alternative materials. I trawled through the thousands of fine art images stored on my archives, and shortlisted images that often didn’t make the final cut for previous collections…I like to think of it as recycling!  

However, I’ve been playing around with the type of images to use in my more recent encaustic collection. I have taken a new tack with this set. I previously selected old images to work with that had quite defined lines and shapes to work with. I loved the effect, but it wasn’t quite as perfect as I’d envisaged.

This image  (left) was the first I used which was taken with a slow shutter speed. I am so pleased with the result. The blurring of the original image seems to marry so perfectly with the patterns and textures that can be created using the wax. I think I’ve finally found the type of image that really works with this ancient art medium.

Bees wax is so lovely to work with and creates a beautiful finish. Extremely fluid when hot, the wax runs in interesting patterns when dripped across an image, turning viscous very quickly, enabling me to start to mould and scratch away parts of the wax before it dries completely. Wax is quite tricky to work with, given the speed at which is solidifies, so it takes some dedication to ensure the wax doesn’t ruin the piece I’m trying to create. If i am not quite happy with the result, I do have my trusty head gun that helps to re-melt the wax.

During the encaustic process, I re-photograph, edit and add other layers of wax to the image to create further depth and texture. The final product is photographed and sold as a limited edition print, along with the original encaustic work itself which is totally one of a kind.

…Watch this space for more work to be released!!

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