It’s scary to say, but Christmas will be just around the corner very soon! Time to start thinking about gifts for your horse and art-loving friends and family.

I’ve put together a handy list of the top-selling and most popular prints from my collections that you can get your hands on for under £500. All my images are Limited editions, and with prices ranging from £125, you’d be silly not to take a peek!



10: The Shadow Horse-126

One of my most popular pieces from the Shadow Horse collection. This sits perfectly above the fireplace in my own living room at home! £295 (12 inch print).



9: Horses in water- Camargue

This timeless image is so powerful. It fits in any modern space or cosy country cottage- a real centrepiece to any room. £495 (16 inch print).



8: Flower Horse-173

A piece from my latest collection, the Flower Horse. Something a little different and appreciated equally by any horse and flower-lover. £495 (16 inch print).



7: Encaustic- 087

The process behind creating enaustic art is fascinating as it really changes an image. This original image did was not strong enough to stand alone, but the effect is amazing and it speaks volumes.  There’s something very dreamy about this image. £295 (12 inch print).



6: Rearing Horse- California

Perhaps one of my most classic shots, the Rearing Horse. This was taken in California in 2014. A moment of seeming-calm before this stallion pranced back into a powerful gallop. You can really feel his power through this image… perhaps the ideal gift for someone who needs empowering! £495 (16 inch print).



5: Flower Horse- 178

The second piece from my Flower Horse series. This horse seems as if he is almost floating as the foliage trails out behind him. This image sits beautifully on its own, or with the rest of the series. £295 (12 inch print).



4: Shadow Horse- 127

Simple, yet elegant. This minimalist work from the Shadow Horse collection suits any space to bring tranquillity and calm. £295 (12 inch print).



3: Horses in Wild- Camargue

This is another of my more popular collection, the Camargue… I love this image, it somehow feels very calm, even with the madness of the situation. Add this to yours or start a friend’s collection for £495 (16 inch print).



2: Student of the Horse- 157

This is a timeless classic, shot at the Student of the Horse. This always elicits a deep connection with those who purchase it. £295 (12 inch print).



1: A series of mini framed prints

My mini series went down a treat when I exhibited at the parallax art fair last month. By special request, please contact Emily to get your hands on a selection of 3 mini prints of your choice to decorate your home for just £375 (3x 2 inch framed images. Individual framed images just £125).


To ensure you receive your gifts before Christmas, the last day for ordering is Tuesday 5th December 2017…. all orders are wrapped in beautiful Christmas paper, 100% free of charge!

For any more information about print sizes and prices, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Click here to see my full range of works and collections….Happy shopping!


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