I have been completely overwhelmed by the natural beauty of my surroundings this year, here at home in the New Forest. In particular, I have been blown away by the allure of the flowers; both in the garden and the wild flowers growing across the countryside.

The delicate texture of the tiny petals really puts life into perspective. It’s amazing how something so tiny and precious plays such a key role in the life of other living things.

My vegetable patch kept me both busy and inspired over the summer months. There is something very satisfying about growing your own fresh veg, from a tiny seed to a healthy, happy plant. I can totally understand why some people decide to become self-sufficient….how amazing nature is. From plant to plate…. I still can’t get over how vivid the colour of that veg is! 

I’ve spent some time getting inspiration from various artists who use flowers as the basis of their work. Someone who really stands out to me is Texas-based artist, Ysabel LeMay.

She uses a fascinating technique, where she takes hundreds of intricate photos of flowers, plants, foliage and creatures, then extracts elements of these photos and layers the fragments together too create amazing artistic masterpieces….Amazing!

I find the texture and lines produced by foliage and the leaves of plants reminds me hugely of the flowing movement of a horse’s mane in the wind. I constantly like and compare things to horses now. It may seem strange to you, but it means I find inspiration for my work from so many different places!

I feel a project coming…. watch this space! 

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