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Charlotte Dujardin – Olympic Gold Medalist!

Charllotte-1006bCharlotte asked me to take some more photographs of the amazing Valegro following their Olympic triumph.  I was so thrilled to be asked and couldn’t wait to see them both.  We had such a  fun day capturing the best of this wonderful horse and the partnership that both Charlotte and Valegro have together. I feel in a very honoured position to be able to capture these images for Charlotte at such a monumental time in her life. The images and the day that I photographed them together I will never forget!

Charlotte Dujardin

Equine Photography with Emily

Horse Photography

Equine photography has been a dream of mine since I started as a photographer.  I have grown up around horses and always had a deep love for them.  My first pony was a chestnut mare called Dolly, and she was the pony that sparked my love of horses.  When I began to learn about photography, I found more often that not I was standing in fields trying to capture the true essence of these beautiful beast, and in fact quickly realised that I wanted to be a horse photographer. This next set of images, are a selection of horse photos built up over some years.  Its so exciting to have been able to look back through much of my work and realise that all the hard work and effort has been worth it.  These images are hanging in many of my clients homes for their family and friends to enjoy every single day, and not only are these images giving huge enjoyment everyday, they have frozen a moment in history between a horse and its owner,  that will never be forgotten.  I am so proud and honoured to have been able to follow my dream as a photographer.  I hope you enjoy, and are able to appreciate each moment as it is.


Horse Photography