Welcome to my new website, it’s been a while coming, well I have been thinking about it for the last 2 years, so I am pretty glad that its up and live now. I wanted to create a place where people could browse and buy my work with ease.  It had to be simple, show my work with no distracting features, and be a place where people could learn about me, how I work, where I work and see the unedited life of an artist striving to get her work out into the world.  My aim is that my work will bring just a little piece of joy every day to the people who hang it on their walls.

I have time to focus on other things now that the website is complete, creating new work, finding new inspiration and making sure that my art gets to every corner of the planet.  I know this sounds like a big dream, but actually I’m not doing too bad, I have managed to sell work in at least 10 countries’ around the world so far, but I certainly don’t want to stop there.

It’s really important to me to share my work, I want it to inspire people, I want people to look at it and feel something, anything, I want to connect with people through my art, I feel that if they look at my work and feel something we will have entered each other’s lives and have experienced a unique connection, with my art being the connector.

Please spend time browsing, look for something that provokes a feeling and if you feel a deep connection with an image and can visualise it hanging on a wall in your home or business then please do call.  I would love to help you decide the perfect piece for your life.

Feel free to connect with me personally, I would love to hear from you, hear your thoughts, have a chat about how I work, what I do and how I create my art.

To keep in touch and to make sure you hear about all the news and updates I have, enter your details in the sign up form on the front page.

Happy Browsing!