The horse has been a huge part of my life, from age 6 until today. When I started riding lessons, I was excited every time I rode, I felt so much joy just being around horses. I wanted to become better and better. I remember specifically my instructor put me on a stallion called Rasher when I was just 10 years old- a massive privilege and a message from my instructor that I was capable of managing a beautiful, powerful stallion that she didn’t dare put anyone else on… or mad perhaps?!  
I have been lucky enough to own and ride an assortment of horses over my life. It is even more special that I have been able to work with some of the most beautiful and characteristic horses as part of my job- not many people can say that! Some have been more challenging than others, and some have given me so much confidence and drive to continue to improve my riding. The main lesson I have learnt is that LOYALTY is key! It means everything between horse and rider. You stick together, you go through wonderful times and hard times but you always come out the other side smiling… I don’t know any other animal that you can experience emotion like that with!

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