Here is it- May’s edition for my image of the month. And what a fab start to the month it’s been! Its so nice to FINALLY see some sunshine… making the most of it when I can. It’s hard to justify basking in the garden when there’s work to do and pieces to create!

May’s image is one I have worked on very recently. I am creating a new set of encaustic images that I will be exhibiting later this year… all very exciting! I have taken a new tack with this set, this image included. I previously selected old images to work with that had quite defined lines and shapes to work with. I loved the effect, but it wasn’t as perfect as I’d envisaged.

This image was the first I used which was taken with a slow shutter speed. I am really pleased with the result. The blurring of the original image seems to marry so perfectly with the patterns and textures that can be created using the wax. I think I’ve finally found the type of image that really works with this ancient art medium.

What do you think? Drop me a message- I’d love to hear from you!

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