As an art enthusiast myself, I understand how long it can take to choose the perfect artwork for your home.

And why shouldn’t it? After all, it is likely going to be something you’ll spend many years admiring and showing off to your family and friends!

So, I have put together a little list of factors to consider when choosing your art…


1. Don’t be shy and take your time
In the words of Johnson-Chyzhykov, “If you’re not experienced in the art world, it can be intimidating to enter and not know where to start,”. If you haven’t bought art for you home before, don’t panic! Just take your time,  browse carefully and admire work that really takes your interest.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying something just because a highly followed art buyer says this is the most trendy and up-and-coming artist of today… buy something you love!


2. Get to know the artist
If you get to know the artist, you start to understand the content of the work and the story behind the pieces themselves. I feel like you probably have a pretty good understanding of me as a creator by now, but if you want to see more of my life and creative processes, check me out on Instagram or Facebook to get a glimpse of the real day-to-day activities of an artist!

3. Consider a contemporary piece for a traditional space- and vice versa. 
People often make the mistake of thinking that contemporary art will only fit in a contemporary space. This is not true! Putting modern art in your Victorian home shakes things up a bit and adds real visual interest to your home. In a similar way, the soft tones of slow shutter shots can soften any modern space and create a homely place for you to relax.

Be bold and start to mix periods and styles…why not give it a try yourself!

4. You CAN buy art on a budget…
Did you know that all my artwork is available to purchase as an unframed print? You can source a frame yourself to cut the cost of a beautiful limited edition piece to decorate your home.

However, an important thing to remember is to make sure that any mounts touching the actual artwork are acid-free. Acidic mounts found in budget ready-made frames can quickly deteriorate or discolour your artwork, so watch out!

5. Don’t ponder too long…
If your heart leaps at the sight of a piece, don’t hesitate, or you could miss out. All my pieces are limited edition, which means once they’re gone, they’re gone! Always go with your heart and invest in something you love.

I know I’ve missed out on buying art I loved in the past and it still plays on my mind today!


Happy buying!

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