Choosing to be an artist was not the easy route. From the outside, it might sound like fun and games, just taking a couple of photos and splashing some wax here and there. My inner critic does make me think sometimes, though, ‘why aren’t you just doing a normal day job?’ 

But for me this is a normal job. I can’t imagine doing anything else.  

I used to work a normal 5-day week, gave 100% to my business, and worked above and beyond without needing to worry if I spent all my energy on it. Now I have children- priorities change! Anyone with children will understand what mother’s guilt is- everything you do that doesn’t involve your kids makes you feel guilty. I regularly experience this inner battle, which dictates what I do and makes me think ‘shouldn’t I be doing something for my kids?!’.  


As a creative, frustration can occur whereby I want to just create all the time, but the reality is, I just can’t. It’s about that positive and healthy work-life balance. I want to be the best mum I can be. Children are young for such a short period of time. My eldest is now 6 years old- that has disappeared in the blink of an eye.  

When I do get a creative day, and have created a new piece or organised some fab ideas for new series, this is how I start to improve my inner satisfaction and gives me a real sense of accomplishment.  

Being an artist might not be your average day job, but still comes with the stresses of a mum working a ‘normal’ 9-5! 

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